The Benefits of Polypodium Leucotomos Extract for Sun and Skin Protection

March 13, 2023

Polypodium leucotomos is from a species of the Fern Family and is Native to South America. Locals referred to the fern as “calaguala” which describes its leaves and also as “anapsos” which refers to its extracts.  Anyone would really just step over this plant that looks fairly ordinary but it is anything but ordinary.  In fact, the incredible, almost miraculous skin treating powers of  P. Leuctomos has been studied for years, with its photoprotection powers having been most researched.  If you looking to reverse skin damage from the sun or environmental factors, Solicur delivers this super plant with other powerful ingredients maximize your skin protection efforts  


Researchers believe that Polypodium Leucotomos can help shield the skin from the damaging effects of the sun. The following was concluded regarding how PLE helps to protect skin cells from the sun:Protect against damaging UVA and UVB rays with Solicur

  • In a human study, Polypodium leucotomos extract helped skin cells survive and proliferate after UVA and UVB exposure.
  • P. leucotomos prevents the morphing of skin cells, a typical yet serious consequence of UV exposure.
  • A common marker for sun-related damage is skin cell erythema, a type of inflammatory rash.  Polypodium leucotomos can decrease the skin’s erythema response in healthy adults exposed to UV radiation when compared to untreated groups.
  • Polypodium leucotomos may benefit photoreceptors, which absorb UV rays, in the stratum corneum. The stratum corneum is the outermost protective layer of the skin.
  • Polypodium leucotomos extract blocks decomposition and structural changes in the stratum corneum following UV exposure. Simply put, P. leucotomos helped maintain the integrity of the skin’s top layer, it becomes the barrier between you and the damaging impacts of external threats. 

Polypodium leucotomos boosts the antioxidant concentrations which are critical in neutralizing free radicals that lead to premature aging and other undesirable health effects. The body generates free radicals as a response to environmental pollutants and stressors. These include UV rays, as well as:

  • air pollution
  • strong or toxic household cleaning products
  • fried foods
  • smoke
  • alcohol

The antioxidant profile of this powerful Solicur ingredient can credit the naturally occurring phenolic compounds including:

  • chlorogenic acid
  • coumaric acid
  • vanillic acid
  • caffeic acid
  • ferulic acid

In fact, the latter two are highly regarded for their ability to block cellular damage. Phenolic compounds are beneficial metabolites that are vital to a variety of defense responses, including pro-aging and antioxidant activities.


Other studies suggest that a Polypodium leucotomos supplement may improve inflammatory responses in the skin, such as:

  • psoriasis
  • dermatitis

However, more research is needed to prove the fern’s effectiveness in this context.

Polypodium Leucotomos - Protection from the Sun's Damaging Rays