The Science Behind SOLICUR

What is SOLICUR and why does it work?
What does it mean to defend from within?

What is Solicur?

SOLICUR was formulated by physicians and dermatologists specifically to address the growing concern of sun damage in skin. It was created to defend the skin from the sun to keep your skin looking young and healthy.

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The Star Ingredient: Nicotinamide

Nicotinamide, a form of vitamin B3, has gained recognition for its remarkable benefits in skincare. When it comes to combatting sun damage, its role becomes even more pivotal. SOLICUR harnesses the power of nicotinamide, offering a solution that goes beyond mere surface-level care.

Packed With Antioxidants

SOLICUR contains polypodium leucotomos. This nutrient is derived from a tropical fern native to the Americas and has powerful antioxidant activity. Clinical studies have shown that polypodium leucotomos extract provides protection against a wide range of UV light-induced phototoxicity, pigmentation, and damage to human skin. Many people find they fail to get sunburns when using this nutrient.

Why Do We Add Vitamin D3?

People at risk for skin cancer are told to avoid the sun and use sunscreen. Yet sun exposure is important in making Vitamin D3, which the human body needs for bone strength (to prevent osteoporosis) and for the immune system’s health (to fight infections and new cancers). Vitamin D3 has a short half-life in the body. Approximately 50% of the normal population can sometimes be found to be deficient in normal blood levels of Vitamin D3; the rate of this deficiency is much higher in patients who use sunscreen and avoid the sun. Vitamin D3 deficiency is 3-times more likely in skin cancer patients (begging the question of whether a deficiency in this Vitamin may increase the risk for skin cancers).

SOLICUR was specifically formulated with these facts in mind. Daily use of SOLICUR will help ensure you have enough dietary Vitamin D3 to prevent this all-too-common deficiency